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We partner with clients to get MEASURABLE RESULTS!

We work with Presidents, CEO’s, and Business Owners to help them align their organization with their vision.

Consider the explosive rate of change we are all experiencing. Changes that were not even considered a very short time ago. As you view the following presentation and think about how partnering with a coach will ensure your success as we meet the next set of opportunities.

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In partnership with us, clients achieve significantly improved, measurable results in four areas: financial performance; customer acquisition and retention; management effectiveness; and growth and innovation.

Some "training programs" are like a black hole. You keep pouring more and more money into them, but you never see anything emerge.

How about trying a radically different approach? A program that actually gives you a return on your investment and value for each dollar—Results!




Your organization's biggest asset is your people. People bring economic value to your company. Their knowledge, resourcefulness, and creativity translate directly into earnings—if they're being utilized. When you invest in developing people and helping them discover, develop, and achieve their real potential, everyone benefits!

You help create enthusiastic people who enjoy their jobs and their lives which results in enhanced performance and profitability for both the individual and the organization. As the people are developed, so the organization will grow. Let us help you develop your people to achieve their potential—and increase your organization's potential. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all of your expectations. Our strength and value lie in our ability to help you succeed by focusing your organization, your people, your needs, and your strategic direction.

Your organization will develop a culture where continuous improvement, higher levels of achievement, standards of excellence, and exceeding customer expectations prevail.

Our approach will:

  • Develop individuals to achieve their potential
  • Improve employee satisfaction, attitudes, and morale
  • Enhance self-esteem and build confidence
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Foster shared responsibility within the organization
  • Break down barriers and foster cooperation
  • Improve communication at all levels
  • Develop and promote understanding and trust
  • Develop leadership and internal growth
  • Improve effectiveness at all levels
  • Develop and sustain corporate values
  • Build commitment
  • Reduce excessive overtime and down time
  • Reduce waste and errors
  • Reduce organizational costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer-focused growth
  • Retain customers
  • Grow your organization
  • Improve organizational profits


BREAKAWAY's main focus is to work with your mission, critical individuals, and teams (executives, management, sales and/or employee teams) to improve their ability to get results.

Our straightforward, common sense approach develops and aligns strategic thinking, people, and processes while minimizing the impact of anything that can get in the way. We are successful when your organization has developed the ability to see, think about, and do the things necessary to achieve its desired outcomes both now and in the future.

We are the pre-eminent organization specializing in cutting-edge human development to elevate potential, drive performance, and enlighten humanity. Through our workshops, seminars, keynote addresses, and developmental programs, we focus on the specific results you want to achieve—personally and professionally.


What our clients are saying.

" … Breakaway’s guidance and leadership during a critical launch phase brought about the cultural changes we needed for this program to succeed. Based on comments from the staff, your team’s diverse set of skills, creativity, professionalism, and sense of urgency were critical components in garnering acceptance from our staff …"

Bob Huey
Vice President of Operations
Textron Automotive

" … I personally found the Executive Workshop and Management Development course to be particulary useful. I have received many similar comments from the laboratory’s managers and supervisors. The spaced repetition technique used in the development courses is an especially effective way of retaining key ideas … "

Ed Doucette
Vice President and General Manager
Laboratory of Pathology

"The ‘Goal Planning Action Plan’ provided each participant with the skill to improve interaction, and provided them with the productivity skills which will enable them to develop habits they will use not only at work, but at home as well. The process of planning their goals and applying the ‘Quality Tools’ to develop action plans and solutions to overcome obstacles and barriers, are truly unique and definitely worthwhile."

Tim Trujillo
Executive Vice President
Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics America, Inc.

" … The professionalism and openness allowed for a wide range of discussion and ideas on a global scale. The work you did provided the central process needed to deliver the launch capabilities our customers expected. "

Tom Blashill
Former President
SPX Filtran

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